GoDaddy hacked by cryptocurrency hackers – Wirex, Celsius and NiceHash targeted

Watch out for your cryptos ! – GoDaddy is one of the largest web hosts and domain name managers. This year, she was the victim of a series of hacks, the most recent of which involved several companies in the cryptocurrency industry.

Hijacked crypto project websites

According to a recent report from cyber security research platform KrebsOnSecurity , hackers attempted to attack several crypto platforms hosted by GoDaddy in mid-November.

The exchange is one of the targets of hackers. According to Mike Kayamori , CEO of Liquid, on November 13:

“The domain hosting provider ‚GoDaddy‘, which manages one of our main domain names, mistakenly transferred control of the account and the domain to a malicious actor (…). This allowed the actor to modify the DNS records and, in turn, to take control of a number of internal email accounts (…) the malicious actor was able to partially compromise our infrastructure and gain access to storage of documents. “

The NiceHash site , which specializes in leasing computing power for cryptocurrency mining, also reported similar issues on November 18. Some settings of his domain names at GoDaddy had been „changed without authorization“ , briefly redirecting email and web traffic.

For security, NiceHash then froze all client funds for approximately 24 hours .

Compromised GoDaddy employee accounts

According to KrebsOnSecurity’s research, other cryptoasset-related project sites may have been targeted, including , , and Wirex .

According to the first information provided by GoDaddy on the incident, some of its employees have been victims of a social engineering scam , such as voice phishing ( voice phishing , via the phone).

“As malicious actors become more sophisticated and aggressive in their attacks, we are constantly training our employees on new tactics that could be used against them and adopting new security measures to prevent future attacks. “

Dan Race, spokesman for GoDaddy

The hackers would thus have succeeded in recovering the credentials of GoDaddy employees, by fooling them on the phone so that they enter their data on a fake site .

Other than Liquid and NiceHash, the other crypto companies have not reported how much GoDaddy’s failures may have affected them (if it has).

In the crypto-asset sector, vigilance should always be required. For a user of these services, activating two-factor authentication (2FA) can already constitute an additional security barrier.

IOTA News: Update and progress on Chrysalis Phase 2

IOTA is making progress. The development team conveyed this message last week in a blog post published on November 19. Jakub Chech, the Director of Engineering, spoke in the weekly Chrysalis update about the steps of phase 2. Let’s take a quick look at the IOTA news.

IOTA News: Update on Chrysalis from Jakub Chech

The transformation from IOTA towards IOTA 2.0 is a constant and long-lasting process. Therefore, the Foundation tries to present the state of affairs in regular IOTA news and updates.

Transparency and communication should maintain trust in investors and show which specific measures are being worked on.

After IOTA had already reached an important milestone with The News Spy in the eyes of this year, the engineers are now working on the implementation of Phase 2.

In the current IOTA News it is now announced that significant progress has been made in developing a wallet for Chrysalis phase 2.

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Chrysalis Phase 2 brings new wallet and replaces Trinity

A new wallet is to be implemented with Chrysalis 2, which will replace the existing Trinity wallet.

We would like to provide a first alpha version for the community in the next few weeks.

The development work is currently still running on private test networks. However, they want to create public test networks and make them accessible as soon as possible.

The IOTA News emphasizes that you work with external auditing companies to ensure a high level of quality and to guarantee a smooth process.

Jakub Chech informs with the current blog post about the current state of affairs and confirms the self-declared goal of the so-called „Mission Coordicide“.

What is your opinion on the current IOTA news? – Are you still following the development of the project and what opportunities do you give the development of IOTA?